Monday, July 27, 2009


The house now has sheetrock!  We are very excited and anxious!!!  Hopefully the workers will finish the mud and tape by the end of this week.  We also ordered all of our doors today!  Some should be here friday so it is coming along a lot quicker!  Next week I have girls camp so hopefully I can come home and be surprised with paint... (if we could find a color we both like).  I will have to take some pictures and get them posted!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So basically this summer has gone by sooooo fast!!  We got insulation in the house last week and hopefully Thursday (keep your fingers crossed) we will have the sheetrock started.  It is getting really exciting!  I just went to Youth Conference last week and it was a lot of fun!!!  Today my mom, Cami, Sage, Asher, and I went to the gateway on the tracks.  It was a lot of fun.  Sage played in the fountain and I bought some clothes that I probably don't need but really wanted.  I am so sad it is already July.  I haven't done nearly as much as I wanted to because of the rainy June weather.  Two weeks ago Jon's friends Kevin and Sarah invited us to Park City for a night.  It was a lot of fun to relax and spend some time together with friends.  I feel like I never see Jon!  It will be wonderful to get in our house and see each other more then 10 minutes a day.  The picture is kinda random but I took it at my mom's house a little while ago and thought it turned out okay!