Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long Time... No Post!

Wow it has been awhile. We are still alive and well just living life. Eating, sleeping, working. That is what has been happening with some fun weekends on the side. Well from what I have planned (which we will see if I follow through) I have some great posts I need to type up and some pictures to post. Hopefully I will do good! But for now we will play catch up. Since last time Jon had a Birthday! I had a fun weekend planned but of course it didn't go as planned but it was still great! I did a surprise party for him with his family however our downstairs fridge broke so he found the food a day early. Which worked out because then he got to help me set up and put the house together for the party. We also went and had a couples massage and it was amazing. We are saving our money so we can go back (hopefully soon). Here are some pictures from his birthday! I will try to post soon! Thanks for stopping by!

This is a banner I made for Birthdays!

Jon's presents before he opened them...

And after...