Sunday, October 16, 2011


Its been awhile since I last posted but we have been doing a lot of canning. We bottled beans, peaches, salsa, and grape juice. I also did frozen corn and my mom did stewed tomatoes. It has been a lot of fun and it is nice to have the food storage! Here are some pictures of all the fun!My sister and I picking beans! When I have kids that will be their chore!

My Dad
My Mom
All the beans we picked in the back of my car.
How pretty!
We have a fun tradition when we snip beans and that is watching Grease. My sister and I enjoyed it, I am not sure what my Dad thought. Oh well we didn't want to break that tradition!
We worked on beans all Saturday and then my Mom still had more to process on Sunday.
Some beans all done,
Here is a picture of my parents peach tree. They have 2 and they got a ton of peaches this year. Jon and I had peaches and cream for an entire week! I loved it!

Here are some peaches that are done. They are way easier and quicker to do than beans.
This is a picture of my corn. I only did 5 dozen so hopefully that will last Jon and I until next year.
These are the grapes! Jon says they are golden! He was so sad we were out of grape juice so lucky for us my neighbor said we could have all of her grapes. So we were able to get a little bit extra grape juice. It smelled so good!
I think they are so pretty in the bottles!

One day I went to Kent's to get some strawberries they had on sale but they were all gone! I was disappointed but glad to find blackberries on sale instead. So my mom came up that night and we made a few batches of black berry jam... to go along with all the apricot jam we have.