Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I put my Easter decorations out last week and now I am ready for spring. I can see some tulips coming up in my yard and it makes me very excited! I am ready for green trees, green grass, and pretty flowers. I also went to make and take and bought a table topper. It is all black and is about 3 feet long. Each month I will decorate it cute. I have pictures of how it is this month. I decorated some candles I bought a while ago and I think they turned out great! Here are some pictures of the table topper with the decorated candles and some other pictures of my Easter decorations! Now all I need is no more snow!

Enjoy the pictures! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Jon and I finally did our fall chores of raking our leaves. Jon's work was slow so while he waited for more jobs he went out and started raking the leaves on the side of the house. He got that finished and went to the back yard. He got a lot done. I got off work and he was still working on it so I went and helped him finish. We filled about 10 of the extra large yard bags full of leaves. Our yard looks a lot better but still needs so much work. It was fun being able to spend time together working in the yard and I know we will have countless hours ahead working in the yard together. It was such a beautiful day and I am way excited for summer weather! Now I need to get my Easter up so I can enjoy spring time! I will have to post some pictures when I get it done! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My brother got married last Thursday. It was very beautiful! I am very excited for him and his wife! It was a great day. They got married in the Bountiful temple and then had a luncheon at a place in Bountiful. Their reception was in a church in Roy. It was very pretty. It was a great day and they seemed to really enjoy it. I have been pondering on my wedding day and how wonderful it was. It was busy but a lot of fun! Here are a couple of pictures from my wedding. (I don't have any of my brothers or I would post them)

Monday, March 14, 2011


So I was in a wreck on Saturday morning on my way to work. I was driving to work and about 2 minutes away when I got hit. I was in the left turn lane waiting for the light to turn green when all of a sudden a car turns left into my lane instead of the lane next to me. I looked at the guy in the car and he was looking down so I slammed on my horn and he looked up, he swerved to miss me but still clipped the left corner of my bumper. Thank heaven he did not hit me head on! He waited to see my reaction so I jumped out of my car to look at the damage. He asked if there was any damage and I said yes. He asked if he could give me his info and not call the police. I tried calling Jon and of course he did not answer so I called my dad. My dad said to call the police. I called the police and it took 20 minutes for police officer to come. (the entire time I was blocking the turn lane) He looked at the cars and said to move them out of traffic. When we moved our cars the guy that hit me got out and started talking. I got out and waited for him to finish then the police officer came over and asked me what happened. When I told him he said it all makes sense and gave me the police report to start on. I finished my report and the police officer said it would be a couple more minutes. When he came back he gave me a paper with the information I needed on the guy that hit me and told me I could go. He then said that the guy that hit me was going to be arrested for warrants and driving on a suspended license. I am glad the car he was driving was insured! We called the insurance company and have filed a claim and we are now just waiting to hear back. I hope we can get it taken care of quickly! I am so glad it was a very minor accident and no one was hurt.
Beside that my brother's wedding is this week so my mom and I are making 500 sugar cookies on Wednesday! It will be fun. I better get going!
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Here I am again... this is amazing! These past couple weeks have been interesting. I had a bridal shower and now a sinus infection. The bridal shower went great. We served 2 salads, breadsticks, lemon bars, fudge, and upside down cake (I think that is what it is called but I really don't know!). The bride to be got a lot of good presents which will be needed in about 9 days.
The last 3 or so weeks I have been getting dizzy and my ears hurt. I finally decided I had enough on Thursday. I felt so sick! I called my insurance company and the nice man on the phone helped me make an appointment to see the doctor. I called in sick to work unfortunately, went to the doctor thinking I had an ear infection and to my surprise, I have a sinus infection. I am now taking medicine for it for 10 days. I still don't feel the best. I have been so tired, but I think it is getting better. I am excited to start feeling better!
This week Jon and I decided to lose some weight (or just make better eating choices) we are working out (except I only did once this week) and not eating late at night. This choice will eliminate our late night Beto's run or going to Dee's in the middle of the night. We are hoping to start feeling better and have more energy. We will see how we do only time will tell!
Beside that Jon will start tiling the bathroom this coming weekend. I can't wait! Well I better get going! Thanks for stopping by!