Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Here

I had no idea it was last October since I got on here. I guess a lot has happened. Jon and I moved into our house! It was very exciting however... it is still under construction. We have a beautiful kitchen but we still need a bathroom... with a toilet. It has been interesting not having a bathroom. I can't believe I am living without one. Our basement is almost done being painted and today Jon and my Dad hung doors upstairs.
My birthday was on Monday! It was great! Sunday we went to my parents and had a nice dinner and an Easter egg hunt. After we had cake and I opened my presents. I got a lot of fun stuff! On my birthday Jon took me to Ruby River and gave me my presents. We were going to go to a movie but I was tired and so we just stayed home and Jon watched a movie and I slept. That is usually how it goes with us! Jon's parents also came over on Wednesday and gave me a present and we had milk shakes! That is pretty much everything that is going on with us. Maybe I'll get on here and do another update before December!a