Monday, February 21, 2011


I spent most of the morning cleaning. I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, front room, and bed room. I am so amazed at how long it takes to clean. It took me about an hour to fold all the laundry and put it away and about a half hour just to dust my curios. Where does all the time go? I am very happy I am blessed with a home to clean! I am also happy I haven't had to buy very much cleaning stuff since I have been married because I am still using up what I got from my wedding. It will be a sad day when I need to go purchase cleaning supplies, 3 years without buying cleaning supplies is wonderful. I also have a wonderful vacuum that works well with the hardwood, the tile, and the carpet. I recommend a Dyson to any one shopping for a vacuum. I better get going thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Latest With Us

Well it for sure has been awhile since I updated and there has not been too much happening. I guess our biggest news is that we finally have a microwave. I have lived without one for over a year and we now have one. We are currently working on the bathroom... still. We have most of the tile and we are waiting on the rest which is on back order. So it will be exciting when it comes. Jon and I stay busy working that is pretty much all we do. Which is good we are happy we have good jobs. My brother is getting married on March 17Th so I am excited for that. My mom and I are making about 400 cookies for the reception so that will be fun! We are throwing a bridal shower in about a week so that will be nice to have over. One more thing off the list. Jon got released from his calling which has been wonderful. It was a bitter sweet at first now it is just sweet. I now am not home alone all day Sunday which is wonderful. My calling is going well. I stay busy going to young women's on Tuesday but it is fun. I have really enjoyed getting to know the girls and the leaders.
My newest addiction is to make banners. I made a really cute one for valentine's day for my mom and for my desk at work and then I made one that says luck of the Irish for the shower and for St. Patrick's day. I am hoping to take a couple of pictures and post them in the near future but we will see.
Well hopefully I will start posting more and getting pictures. We will see. Until next time have a good day. Thanks for stopping by!